What is the Perplexed?

We at perplexed take a great deal of pride in our mission to be a source of creativity and inspiration.  We’ve always been excited to share our ideas through the clothing we make. However, we have realized that this mission is quite an ambitious one, especially in a society that finds itself constantly divided, and in a society where the individual feels increasingly isolated from their community. In light of this realization, we took a step back to evaluate who we are as a brand.  We wanted to come together and discuss what we represent.  


Our goal is to see if others find value in our perspective, and we are excited to bring you our central theme: It’s Okay to Be Perplexed.


Perplexed, as a word, represents another side to the concept of confusion. Confusion is a struggle to understand.  It is a concept that carries with it a negative connotation. No one wants to be confused.  Perplexed, on the other hand, is the journey to understand. It is a mission toward self-awareness.  A glimpse into what it means to be a human being. This is what unites all fellow humans. We are all faced with the reality of who we are on a daily basis, and it continues to push us forward as we further develop what it means to be a human being.  We are a process, a changing reality, and a force of nature. We are the cosmos made conscious, and to realize this, is to realize the path we are on toward understanding ourselves and understanding our world. This continuous evolutionary project of humanity is what lies underneath all of our differences, that shines through to reveal our unity as a species. A striving for understanding.  An adventure into the nature of existence, and into the nature of ourselves. Perplexed represents the learning process as something not to be burdened by, but to be excited for. It’s a first step toward accepting who we are, and striving to develop ourselves further, as individuals, and as a species.


Perplexed is about learning, and learning represents our sway between states of confident understanding and those of frustrated confusion.  The dialectic of understanding in action.  Our goal is to bring this fundamental human process to light as a unifying force to have pride in. Friedrich Nietzsche had a revolutionary idea of freedom which traces back to a Hegelian idea (For those of you unfamiliar with these philosophical figures, don’t worry, the idea is what is important) that in order to succeed in something, or to be free, one must in some way submit themselves to a grind.  To learn the piano, one must submit themselves to the frustrating task of understanding what they must do while being unable themselves to do it.  There is suffering in this confusion, although minor, in knowing which keys must be played, but not having the muscle memory required to perform such actions.  There must be diligence, perseverance, if one wishes to overcome this obstacle.  It requires the greatest of human characteristics.  The raw, untamed determination to overcome.  And many will even respond to this example with doubt, expressing that they loved to learn the piano, but it will only reflect the admirable determination of their character.  This optimism towards learning is what gives us hope to transform this process of development from one of strife and struggle to one of relentless striving and emboldened excitement.  This is the Perplexed attitude.